BASF Influencers Training at Sebeta Woreda, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

BASF Trade representative office, Ethiopia in collaboration with Makobu Enterprise PLC organized a one-day training for influencers at Sebeta Woreda on 28th July 2022. On this event, more than 90 people - consisting of model farmers, development agents, Union representatives, pesticide retailers, retail shops agronomists, and zonal agricultural bureau delegates, were participated.

During the training, participants have gained an insight about BASF and BASF Agricultural solutions with a focus on fungicide solutions in detail by our National Sales Manager, Abnet Belachew; Regional Sales Manager, Miesso Hamba; and technical consultant, Kumssa Ergie. The session gave participants a chance to learn about the BASF solutions for their challenges in production and the relevant details on how to use the products, Benefits and features with some highlight on safe use and on how to access BASF solutions via dedicated distribution channel.

During the session, there was a strong sense of appreciation pronounced by the participants about being invited to the training. Participants were highly engaged and enthusiastic about BASF products. Additionally, they shared concerns about the shortage of the products in the market. They urged that future training be done focusing on insects and pests and BASF product ranges on multiple crops including Fruits and vegetables.

The training was concluded and closed by Tedele Asefa, head of agricultural office of the Sebete woreda. He thanked all the participants for their contribution, he also acknowledged BASF, Makobu Enterprise PLC, and all the facilitators for organizing a successful event.

The joint event has been concluded with an agreement to put more effort into and collaborate further with the government bodies committing to support BASF and partners in future activities that could enhance the productivity of farmers in the cluster.

 Abnet Belachew

Abnet Belachew


National Sales Manager - Ethiopia - Agricultural Solutions.