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Collis 300 SC

The product of choice to make your flowers untouchable by powdery mildew.


  • Reliable performance against powdery mildew ensuring high quality flowers
  • Great disease prevention ensuring peace of mind to the grower
  • Suitable for IPM programs. This ensures the safety of benefitial pests
  • Quick re-entry is possible after the application of Collis® ensuring the worker safety is upheld.

General information

Name Collis 300 SC
Formulation Soluble Concentrate ( SC)
Quinone outside Inhibitor, Succinate DeHydrogenase Inhibitor (SDHI)


Pests Recommended rate Time of application Number of application
Powdery mildew (barley) 1L/ha in a minimum of 1000L water/ha. Spray preventatively, repeat every 7-10 days depending on disease pressure.
 Eliud Magu

Eliud Magu


Regional Sales Manager - Agricultural Solutions, Kenya.