Agricultural Solutions

Rex Duo 497 SC

Dual, systemic fungicide with long-lasting effect.


  • Good control of diseases for higher yields
  • Protect the field for a longer period of time
  • Easy to apply and better usage of actives
  • Better effciency of treatment and broad activity
  • Flexibility, 1 product for 2 crops
  • Effect stability – no resistance risk
  • Very reliable
  • Yield security


Rex® Duo profile

General information

Name Rex Duo® 497 SC
Formulation Suspension Concentrate (SC)
actively stops the production of new fungi spores,


Pests Recommended rate Time of application Number of application
Septoria species 0.5 L/ha or or 50 ml/20 L of water for yellow rust, 0.5-0.75 L/ha or or 50 ml/20 L of water for stem rust (applied as a preventative before disease sets in) Apply preventatively or latest as soon as infection is noticed and repeat at 3-4 weeks later depending on disease pressure and re-incidence. Ground Application: Apply in 200-400 L water per Ha.

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