Agricultural Solutions

Rex Duo 497 SC

Dual, systemic fungicide with long-lasting effect.


  • Good control of diseases for higher yields
  • Protect the field for a longer period of time
  • Easy to apply and better usage of actives
  • Better effciency of treatment and broad activity
  • Flexibility, 1 product for 2 crops
  • Effect stability – no resistance risk
  • Very reliable
  • Yield security

General information

Name Rex Duo 497 SC
Formulation Suspension Concentrate (SC)
actively stops the production of new fungi spores,


Pests Recommended rate Time of application Number of application
Septoria species 0.5 L/ha or or 50 ml/20 L of water for yellow rust, 0.5-0.75 L/ha or or 50 ml/20 L of water for stem rust (applied as a preventative before disease sets in) Apply preventatively or latest as soon as infection is noticed and repeat at 3-4 weeks later depending on disease pressure and re-incidence. Ground Application: Apply in 200-400 L water per Ha.
 Eliud Magu

Eliud Magu


Regional Sales Manager - Agricultural Solutions, Kenya.