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Goliath Gel

Goliath® 0.05% Gel is a biocide/insecticide for professional use, designed to control cockroaches (Blattella germanica, Periplaneta Americana, Blattella orientalis


  • Fast and efficient action for immediate results with control within hours of ingestion by the cockroach
  • Cascade effect for complete control of cockroaches in hidden spots hence user has an easy time applying it and doestn't strain to reach hidden areas.
  • Low doses - safer use and less exposure to user
  • Precise application for speed and accuracy saving time for user and reducing cost of application (single person can apply large areas)
  • It provides a fast and cost-effective control of cockroaches
  • It's low odour renders it undetectable to the user making it a favourite for restaurants and for many households

General information

Name Goliath Gel
Formulation Gel
GABA-gated chloride channel antagonist
 Eliud Magu

Eliud Magu


Regional Sales Manager - Agricultural Solutions, Kenya.