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Orvego 525 SC - Excellent tool for resistance management

Orvego® is the innovative fungicide from BASF that combines the well-known active ingredient Dimethomorph with the new active - Initium to form a premium preventive shield against downy mildew in Roses and blights in potatoes.


  • Orvego ® 525 SC is highly effective in the control of downy mildew in ornamentals.
  • Excellent and long lasting preventative activity ensuring disease free flowers.
  • Consistent and excellent efficacy giving the farmer confidence in their crop production.
  • Yields high quality flowers which translates to high profit for the grower.
  • Short re-entry period that ensures the safety of the worker.
  • IPM compatible ensuring the safety of beneficial pests.
  • New mode of action makes cross-resistance to any other Downy Mildew fungicide difficult.

General information

Name Orvego® 525 SC
Formulation Soluble Concentrate ( SC)
Carboxilic Acid Amides, Stigmatellin binding
 Eliud Magu

Eliud Magu


Regional Sales Manager - Kenya - Agricultural Solutions.


product.why Orvego® 525 SC?

If you expect more from a new fungicide, Orvego® is the new opportunity. Orvego® has excellent regulatory profile, meeting not only your own needs but also those of consumers and the environment. Overall, this ensures high yields and reliable crop quality – adding to your confidence and convenience.