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Bellis 380 WG

Perfect botrytis control for premium flowers.


  • Bellis® has improved efficacy on stem botrytis, head botrytis as well as post harvest botrytis.
  • Bellis® offers additional advantage of controlling downy mildew and black spots, it futher surpresses powdery mildew.
  • Ensures high yield quality flowers even when the crop is most susceptible to disease (During the rainy season)
  • Dual mode of action optimizes efficacy and further minimises the risk of resistance management giving the farmer a perfect option in the spray programme.
  • Long lasting efficacy ensuring the flowers are protected over a long period of time
  • It has a short re-entry period ensuring the safety of the workers.

General information

Name Bellis 380 WG
Formulation Wettable Granule
Quinone outside Inhibitor, Succinate DeHydrogenase Inhibitor (SDHI)


Pests Recommended rate Time of application Number of application
Fungal diseases 1.0 Kg/ ha spray, 1.2 kg/ha Post harvest trt Preventative application 3
 Eliud Magu

Eliud Magu


Regional Sales Manager - Agricultural Solutions, Kenya.