Smart Stewardship

Tips on how to use BASF crop protection solutions.

Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Always remember to put on protective clothing when using pesticides. Wear long-sleeved shirt, long trousers, boots and gloves. Always follow the label instructions to wear the correct PPE for mixing, loading, application and cleaning procedures.

Our commitment to safety is not limited to our employees but extends to our suppliers and customers. This is why we established the Global Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Initiative.

View our latest initiative and learn more about BASF Smart Stewardship here.

Safety precaution statements

Always wear suitable protective clothing. Wash hands and face before breaks and at the end of the shift. Do not eat, drink or smoke when handling pesticides.

Always Read, understand and implement the environmental protection measures on the pesticide label. Take care of the environment, prevent spray drift to other crops, grazing or water bodies (river and dams).

Product Identity

Always Remember to purchase the correct Pesticide. Please confirm that the Pesticide you’ve bought has got the AAK LOGO on the label.

Resistance Management

ALWAYS use pesticides as part of an Integrated Crop Management strategy together with other methods of control. Alternate the use of pesticide belonging to different groups in order to limit the resistance development.

Recommendation of use

When using Pesticides, ALWAYS remember to observe the correct application timing, use the correct rate of application & spray interval. This ensures adherence to the Good Agricultural Practice.