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Your weed solution for all seasons

No evaporation when it’s dry. No weeds when it rains.

Why Stom® CS?

  • Superior performance
  • Lower use rates than pendimethalin EC formulations for same level of weed control
  • Superior surface stability makes it more effective – encapsulation reduces volatilization of
  • active ingredient
  • Less binding to crop & weed residues – maximum active ingredient available for weed control
  • Improved crop safety
  • Better handling
  • Easier to use – low odour, less staining, solvent-free formulation
  • Less damaging to application equipment – does not dissolve rubber or plastic parts; will not
  • corrode pumps and nozzles
  • Bigger tank-mix ? exibility.
  • Improved storage stability – not compromised by freeze or thaw conditions.
  • Reduced staining: Greatly reduced staining compared to pendimethalin EC due to encapsulation.
  • Washes off easily – easy to clean application equipment, packages, etc.


  • A fast way to eliminate rodent infestation
  • Delivers a lethal dose in a single feed leading to use of less bait saving the user money
  • Saves time and money in application as it can be secured with its central hole reducing spillage
  • Effective even against resistant strains
  • Safe to user as it contains a bittering agent reducing the risk of accidental consumption by humans, particularly children

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