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Termidor 90 SC


A termiticide for the control of Termites in buildings and construction industry that offers a long residual effect

Termidor® eliminates termites by both ingestion and contact, and is lethal to termites simply through contact with other Termidor®-tainted individuals. Because Termidor® is a non-repellent - undetectable to termites - the pests freely forage through treated areas, unknowingly ingesting, picking up and transferring Termidor® throughout the population. It's the product's unique "Transfer Effect," allowing Termidor® to achieve 100% control of termite populations at the very low rate of just 0.06% of active ingredient.


  • Offers 100% control when applied well, ensuring no more damage even from unreachable Termites under the soil.
  • Has long residual effect (studies have shown up to 7 years control in some areas) hence saving on repeat cost and can be applied only once.
  • It has low odour offering comfort to the user - a favoured product by constructors worldwide.
  • It's Transfer effect from termite to termite via contact and ingestion helps it get to hidden colonies giving user a relaxed mind.

General information

Name Termidor 90 SC
Formulation Suspenssion Concentrate (SC)
Brochure Termidor brochure
Label Termidor label
MSDS Termidor MSDS