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Goliath Gel


Goliath® 0.05% Gel is a biocide/insecticide for professional use, designed to control cockroaches (Blattella germanica, Periplaneta Americana, Blattella orientalis

To achieve optimal results from the use of the biocide Goliath® 0.05% Gel (GG) it is recommended:

Before any intervention to inspect the premises in order to determine the scope of the affected area and to determine the critical points. Usually critical points are located near the sinks, water channels, electrical equipment (refrigerators, computers), near the bins and in all dark and wet rooms. For that purpose, we can put baits in the rooms in order to monitor the situation.

Upon the conducted review, based on the data obtained, we decide on the appropriate treatment.


  • Fast and efficient action for immediate results with control within hours of ingestion by the cockroach
  • Cascade effect for complete control of cockroaches in hidden spots hence user has an easy time applying it and doestn't strain to reach hidden areas.
  • Low doses - safer use and less exposure to user
  • Precise application for speed and accuracy saving time for user and reducing cost of application (single person can apply large areas)
  • It provides a fast and cost-effective control of cockroaches
  • It's low odour renders it undetectable to the user making it a favourite for restaurants and for many households

General information

Name Goliath Gel
Formulation Gel
Label Goliath Gel label
MSDS Goliath Gel MSDS
GABA-gated chloride channel antagonist