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Basagran 480 AS


Keeps your broad leaf crop free from broadleaf weeds and watergrass.

Basagran® is a product that, over the years, has won the trust of farmers with its effective treatment of post-emergent weed problems in a variety of crops.


Offers the unique benefit of controlling broad leaf weeds in broad leaf crops like potatoes and beans.

It gives the farmer the freedom of post emergence application when the crop and weed has already come up.

It is safe on the crop but tough on weeds.

Gives the unique advantage of effective control of water grasses/nut sedges.

General information

Name Basagran 480 AS
Formulation Aquous Solution (AS)
MSDS Basagran MSDS
Label Basagran label

Information on crops and pests

Pests Recommended rate Time of application Number of application
Broadleaf weeds 1.5- 3.0 Ltrs/ha Post-emergent to broad leaved weeds 2
East Africa office

East Africa office